Divorce is hard.

How you divorce shouldn't make it harder.

Consider a different way.

Divorce and Separation

From separation to divorce - and everything in between - we believe the best solution is determined by the client, not the court.

Child Custody and Support

No two families are alike, yet the legal framework can feel one-size-fits-all. We help families create parenting plans that fit their unique needs. 

Prenuptial Agreements

With comprehensive planning you can begin your marriage with transparency. Prenups allow you to have control over your finances.

How you divorce matters.


The presence of a neutral mediator allows space for both listening to the other party and being heard.


As Mediator, Kristin helps facilitate a respectful conversation with clients' goals in mind.

Collaborative Divorce

In the Collaborative process, you receive the support you need to divorce with transparency, respect, and a view towards your future.


As a Collaborative attorney, Kristin advocates for her client's and family's needs, not positions.

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