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Right now, you may be faced with uncertainty about what lies ahead for you and your family. Where will we live? How will I pay the bills? What happens to my retirement? Not having the answers may seem scary, and all the information out there - plus finding a lawyer - can be overwhelming.

This firm is dedicated to helping make a difficult time in your life a little easier. Kristin meets clients' challenges with experience, practical advice and a commitment to achieving lasting resolutions. In her experience, Kristin has found that the agreements that truly last are the ones that are reached by the parties themselves. With this in mind, Kristin keeps clients focused on their long-term goals while working to reduce conflict. 

You want an agreement that puts your mind at ease and protects your future. As an experienced family law attorney, Kristin works closely with each client towards that goal.        

You have options

Having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney in your corner can ease much of the mental and emotional burdens of divorce.  Kristin will discuss your particular needs and the different processes available to you.

Find out more about how KGH Family Law can help

Kristin's client-centered approach to Family Law means finding the appropriate tool for meeting a client's unique needs.  Most family cases are resolved without the court's intervention, whether through traditional negotiations, mediation or the Collaborative process.  Yet, should your case go to litigation, Kristin will be your dedicated advocate.

Kristin represents clients in all aspects of family law, including: 

Divorce and Separation

Marital Settlement Agreements

Child Custody, Access and Visitation

Child Support

Division of Property

Spousal Support/Alimony

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

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