What is Collaborative?

Most people have heard of mediation - but Collaborative?  Not so.  While it may be considered mediation-adjacent, it's helpful to know what sets the collaborative process apart from mediation and traditional settlement negotiations.  By knowing your options, you can decide what process is the best fit for you.

Like mediation, Collaborative is a process for settling your dispute outside of court. Unlike mediation, you can receive the advice and information you seek during the course of your sessions.  In a collaborative session, information and shared openly so clients can address issues empowered with knowledge.  The collaborative process is designed for clients to have the direct support of legal, financial and mental health professionals to help each step of the way and solve problems on their own terms.

In the collaborative process, each spouse is represented by a Collaboratively-trained attorney, who will advocate and advise, while remaining committed to the process. You have the opportunity to seek advice from neutral financial experts and be coached by a mental health professional.  Together, these professionals work as a team to help you and your spouse create solutions that work for your family and your future.

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